1. Marwa Amri (Main supervisor, ongoing. Co-supervised with Thorsten Schröter)

The interactional organisation of project-work in EFL classrooms in Sweden (expected to be completed in 2025/2026)

2. Lena Gleisner Villasmil (Ongoing. Co-supervised with Louise Sund)

Upper secondary school teachers’ didactic choices in using digital resources

3. Ufuk Balaman (2016)

A Conversation Analytic Study on the Development of Interactional Competence in English in an Online Task-Oriented Environment

Ufuk Balaman’s PhD project has received the best PhD project award at the 17th International CALL Conference in 2015.

4. Derya Duran (2017)

Student-initiated questions in English as a medium of instruction classrooms in a Turkish higher education setting

5. Gökhan Kaya (co-supervised with Gültekin Çakmakçı, completed in 2017)

A Conversation Analytic Investigation into Teacher-Student Interaction and Student Participation in Inquiry Based Science Classrooms

MA Students:

1. Merve Bozbıyık (co-supervised with Kadriye Akpınar, completed in June, 2017)

The Implementation of VEO in an English Language Education Context: A Focus on Teacher Questioning Practices

2. Betül Çimenli (Completed in September, 2017)

Rolling the ball back: Topic maintenance in computer mediated English as a lingua franca interactions

3. Merve Hırçın Çoban (Completed in September, 2017)

Resolving interactional troubles in paired oral proficiency assessment in an English as a foreign language context

4. Emel Tozlu Kılıç (Completed in September, 2017)

Reformulations in multi-party interactions in English as a foreign language in a Turkish higher education context

I have also supervised (to completion) many advanced level and basic level degree projects between 2019 and 2022 at Mälardalen University.

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